Relationships: Rebuilding Connections

Most couples start relationships full of fun, passion, and friendship. Over time, through ineffective communication patterns and busy lives, we can forget to show each other fondness, admiration, and respect. In their place, negativity, conflict and resentment can sneak in. Couples can lose the depth of their initial connection and intimacy and get stuck in the same old fights.

While conflict and negativity in a relationship or marriage is upsettting and stressful for the couple, these stresses can also reach into each individual’s personal life (work, school, friendships, other family relationships) and have a negative impact on any children living in the home. Research shows that couples wait on average 6 years before seeking help for relationship issues – the sooner that you get started on relationship counselling, the less work there is to be done.

My goal in relationship counselling is to help couples thrive together. I love to help couples decrease their conflict, rebuild their friendship, and re-ignite their romantic connection.

I have completed Level 2 Training in the Gottman Relationship Institute’s couple therapy. I follow the Gottman approach to working with couples, involving:

  • rebuilding a couple’s knowledge of each other as individuals
  • increasing the couple’s mutual expressions of admiration and fondness
  • building the habit of ‘turning towards’ each other and engaging more with each other
  • improving the couple’s conflict skills (including communication, assertiveness, and others)
  • negotiating the ‘perpetual problems’ that characterise all couple relationships
  • exploring the couple’s hopes and dreams, both present and future
  • encouraging the couple to connect more deeply with each other through rituals of connection

I also have a special interest in working with individual and couple sexuality. My practice is friendly and welcoming to people and couples of all sexual and gender orientations.