Sexuality is a fascinating area of therapeutic work for me. Sexuality is a beautifully complex and intimate peek into human nature; a broad and varied, yet shared human experience.

Many different aspects of cognition, emotion, and behaviour inform our beliefs, attitudes, values and experiences of sexuality. Sexuality is the vehicle through which a great many of our deepest beliefs about the self, about the world, and about other people are expressed.

Sexuality gives us a glimpse into a huge variety of aspects of humanity: gender roles, sexual identity, attraction, sexual orientation, motivation and sexual drive (lust), morals and values, expectations, competition and jealousy, relationships, self-esteem, love, sensuality, intimacy, creativity, kink, self-expression, consent, bonding, fun, and boundaries.

So much of what makes us human is reflected in and influenced by our sexuality. It is a product of culture, of religion, of societal expectations and norms. Sexuality is an individual experience, a couple experience, and for some a group experience. It is the source of bonding and relating, and at times, of great hurt (i.e., affairs or sex addiction).

I work with sexuality with individuals and couples. Sometimes it is the main focus of my work (sexual dysfunction, sexual identity, couple conflicts re: emotional and sexual intimacy), other times it is a byproduct of the reason why people have sought counselling.